Fast Metabolism Diet

The Fast Metabolism Diet is the brain child of Haylie Pomroy, a wellness consultant and nutritionist. I’m not entirely clear on what her real credentials are, but the science she talks about in the book makes sense. This isn’t a low calorie crash diet. In fact, she doesn’t even buy into the “calories in vs calories out” concept. The idea with this diet is to reset and really rev your metabolism so that your body is using your food/calories more efficiently. A lot of people lose weight (and some lose quite significant amounts, supposedly) on this diet, but that’s not even the real benefit. The benefit is supposed to be that your refreshed metabolism is going to burn through calories and process nutrients like never before and your body is going to function better overall.

One of my favorite things about this diet is that you only need to do 3 days of exercise so your body can focus its energy on resetting your metabolism. The exercise is one day of cardio, one day of weight training and one day of something relaxing like a yoga or massage (yes, a massage counts as exercise on this diet).

The diet lasts for 28 days. Phase 1 is 2 days of high carb meals, phase 2 is 2 days of high protein meals and phase 3 is 3 days of meals that include a combination of carbs, proteins and fats. You eat whole, nutritious foods…no alcohol, sugar or processed junk allowed. Each phase has its own list of foods that you’re permitted to eat and your choices of proteins and carbs are somewhat limited.

Day 1 – Things are ok so far. I ate gluten-free oats, lots of fruit, white beans and sprouted grain toast.

Day 2 – My head is POUNDING. I can’t really think straight and I feel like I’m jonesin’ for something but not for food… probably for sugar. I assume this feeling has a lot to do with my sugar intake skyrocketing for several weeks just before I started this diet. I planned to give up sugar after Valentine’s Day but then I found the Easter candy aisle at Walgreen’s. Also there’s this great French bakery in my neighborhood. Needless to say, I’ve been eating a lot of crap lately. The headaches usually happen when I’m tired, have low blood sugar, or I’m craving sugar. I know the first two are not the case, so I think my body wants its heroin fix….I mean sugar. I had this same experience once when I fasted completely for 4 days. Oh and my diet today is basically the same as day one. I sprinkled some veggie seasoning on some celery and it tasted heavenly so I am definitely in diet-mode. I have to say, in spite of how shitty I feel physically, my mood is excellent!

Day 3 – My headache is gone!! Happy day! I have horrible PMS cramps and got my period (sorry TMI) so now I’m wondering if the headache was hormone-related? Anyway amazingly I am down 3 pounds. I assume it’s water weight, though I normally gain weight when I have my period so this makes no sense to me! Whatever, I’ll take it! Today is my first day of Phase 2 which is notoriously difficult because it’s all protein and veggies and the overall caloric intake is quite low. I admit I cheated and drank a glass of decaf green tea. I can’t buy into the idea that decaf green tea is going to tax my liver, so I’m sorry, I’ll be compliant with everything else but that’s where I draw the line. So far today I had an egg white omelette and now I’m munching on salmon jerky. It’s technically not on the list but it’s nitrate-free and very low fat/carb. Since nitrate-free beef/turkey jerky was on the list, I’m going with it since I don’t eat meat. Later I will have white fish and tuna along with lots of veggies. And egg whites. I’m not hungry. And again my mood is really good! Mentally, I feel AWESOME. This is exciting for me.

Day 4 – More protein! My diet is basically the same as yesterday. I still feel good, though a lot hungrier than I was yesterday. I am looking forward to eating more normal meals the next 3 days. I am also daydreaming about chocolate and tapas. I realized I definitely should’ve done my one weight training workout of the week yesterday when I was still flying high on carbs. It wasn’t my best workout.

Day 5 – OMG I was so stoked to get to eat avocado with my breakfast. Unlike most people, when I’m dieting or cutting foods, I don’t miss carbs as much as I miss my fats. Today I forgot my first snack which may be the reason I have a pounding headache. I love the food today and there’s lots of it. I’m a bit confused by portion sizes and amount of each food I should be eating. I use the app which is fine until you want to start swapping foods. For example, for a lunch you choose a certain type of protein (say fish) and it says to eat six ounces. But if you remove the fish and try to replace that with eggs, it only says to eat one egg. Six ounces of fish is at least 20 g of protein but an egg is only six. This conversion makes no sense. Why isn’t it 3-4 eggs? Also, I wish the app would let me do 1/2 portions of foods so I can eat more than one. I can’t eat 3 tablespoons of oil. I can eat one. And then I’d like some more avocado please!

Day 6 – I totally screwed up today! I ate vegan pizza and some vegan cookies. I shouldn’t have but they were good. I know they aren’t the cleanest foods but they weren’t the worst ever either. So it is what it is. I’ll try to double up on veggies and drink more water. Stuff happens!

Day 7 – I realized last night I started feeling really stuffy/sniffly. Today it hit me like a Mack truck. I have a full blown cold. I RARELY get sick so this sucks. I was Googling and found out all the symptoms I’ve been having are totally normal when you switch to a healthy diet. Your body starts to detox. I read that skin issues are common so I’m hoping those aren’t next. Today is my last day of fun with avocados and pistachios. Tomorrow it’s back to carbing up.

Aaaand…..I totally fell off track after day 7.

I know, I know! I wasn’t prepared, things came up and, well, I stopped doing the diet after a week. However, I felt great on it so I do want to start again. I am going out of town soon so it’s probably a bad idea to try to start before then. It sounds like an excuse but I really mean it.

Has anyone else tried this diet? Yay? Nay?

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