Healthy Margaritas

My favorite meal is hands down chips, salsa and margaritas. And yes, I realize that’s not really a meal. But I make it a meal. 🙂  I am really picky about my margaritas and I like them to be as fresh and simple as possible. Unfortunately, most restaurants make them with god awful neon yellow sour mix (yuck). You can tell because the margarita will be a bright yellow, almost orange color. A good margarita should be a very light yellowish/greenish color. Sour mix is not authentic at all and makes any drink overly sweet while also adding loads of extra calories (which are not worth it!). And worst of all, they don’t even taste good! I also never drink frozen margaritas and don’t know how anyone does. Anyway, I prefer to make my own margaritas at home because they taste better AND they’re only about 120 calories each (less than half of a restaurant margarita)!

Here is my recipe:

  • 1.5 oz. tequila (I use Distinct reposado from Trader Joe’s but you can use whatever you like!)
  • 1 oz. fresh squeezed lime juice (about 2 limes)
  • 2 oz. fresh squeezed orange juice (about 1 medium orange)
  • 1 tsp. organic agave nectar

Use a shaker to mix. Salt rim of a rocks (short) glass and add a few ice cubes. Pour over ice. Garnish with lime wedge. YUM!

Note: I like my margaritas on the sour side so if you prefer a sweeter taste, just add more agave!

2014-12-25 15.14.36

2 responses to “Healthy Margaritas

  1. These look incredible, I’m a margarita girl myself but I can’t stand fake syrupy mix!


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