The #1 Thing You Should Do to Start Your Weight Loss Journey

It’s New Year’s and we all know what that means! It’s the perfect time to start fresh and set some new goals! if you are like many people, one of your resolutions might be to lose weight. So as you start your fitness journey, I cannot stress enough that there is one thing you should do first — and it has nothing to do with signing up at the gym or perfecting yours salad recipe.

The first thing you should do is…. start tracking your food intake. Download a food tracking app (such as MyFitnessPal) and start tracking!! This is incredibly important for several reasons:

1. Accountability — If you aren’t tracking it, it doesn’t count, right? NOO! Of course it counts! But it sure is easy to forget when you’re not looking at it in black and white. Tracking your food will show you the things you don’t want to admit which is so important because this is where the changes need to happen. A tracking app will also help you backtrack to figure out what is working or what might be causing your progress to stall. Besides, it’s very hard to remember everything you ate (and easy to conveniently forget!) so writing things down is always a good idea. (You can set your settings to private so that you and ONLY you know about that donut you inhaled in the break room!)

2. Habit — Getting into any good, healthy habits will help you on your journey. Every morning, you may want to start drinking a large glass of water, or hop out of bed to do a light stretch — healthy habits build healthy bodies. So my suggestion is to find time in your day to track your food as a habit. Maybe you do it after every meal, or maybe you do it at night when you’re done eating everything for the day. Either way, make it a habit. The fitness journey is all about healthy, consistent habits. Trust me.

3. Empowerment — You may not realize it now, but knowing how many calories (and carbs, protein and fats) are in that cheeseburger before you even eat it will feel amazing. WHY? Because maybe, just maybe, you won’t be as tempted to eat it in the first place! But even if you are tempted, you will at least know what you’re getting yourself into. What this means is… you are taking the power back from food and giving it to yourself. And there will be no more excuses. You will start to learn about the foods you’re putting into your body. Your health is like a bank account and for each food you eat, there’s a cost… 300 calories, 20 carbs, etc. And you only have so much to spend each day. If you eat the cheeseburger, be prepared for the consequences the same way you would splurging on a Louis Vuitton purse. Everything has a cost and food is NO different.

So there you go! My #1 healthy habit to start you on your fitness journey. Don’t worry, there will be plenty more tips coming!


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