First CAT CAFE Coming to the U.S.!

I am so beyond proud to share this news!! The cat rescue I have volunteered and fostered for for the last 2 years, Cat Town, is opening the country’s first ever cat cafe. Yes, you heard me…. a cafe with cats!!! It’s a cat lady’s dream come true!

Cat cafes are huge in Japan and other parts of the world but so far no one has opened one here. Why not you ask? Mainly because the good old USA has pretty strict health codes and frowns upon people intermixing cats with lattes and danishes. However, Cat Town is bound and determined to overcome this obstacle by building a cafe along with a completely separated cat adoption center that meets all health codes. But you can bet it will be expensive!

Cat Town is an *amazing* non-profit rescue that takes cats who are on the list a Oakland animal shelter to be euthanized and places them into foster homes where they can settle in and buy time to eventually be adopted. We are a totally bootstrapped organization, 100% volunteer run and we are on a mission to decrease euthanasia rates. Cat Town specializes in the hard to place cats that other rescues look past — the under-socialized, scared, sick and older cats who do not do well in a shelter setting. Cat Town has rescued over 400 cats in just a few years since it was founded. I am so incredibly proud to be part of this organization, especially now that we will truly be making history.

The organization also holds a special place in my heart since one of my own cats, Truman, was one of my fosters. He was so scared at the shelter that they couldn’t vaccinate him and so he was scheduled to be euthanized. He came into my life when I saw his sad little shelter photo with him inside of his litter box (below). He was just 7.5 pounds at 4 years old and he had diarrhea and post-op bleeding from his neuter surgery. But I took him home and he worked his way into my heart from that day on. He is now such an important part of my life. I know so many other people who have similar stories because they adopted from Cat Town and it’s truly inspiring!

truman cage

Here’s Truman now (at a healthy 11 pounds!):


The cat cafe will allow Cat Town to rescue even more cats just like Truman and free up space at the Oakland animal shelter for new cats coming in. It will also be an onsite adoption center which will be great since right now we don’t have a physical location and the organization is completely foster-based.

If you would like to help us, please go to our fundraising page below. Donations start at just $2 and every bit helps!! If you can’t donate, please share the link and help spread awareness about Cat Town’s mission. Thank you!!!

cat town logo


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