Tis the Season….. to Be Generous!

It’s the holiday season and there’s no better time to be give back to your community or support your favorite charity. One of my favorite things to do is donate items to local shelters and rescues that help them take care of animals and improve their quality of life. Since I LOOOVE cats and volunteer at my local shelter and a local cat rescue, of course I want to help the little kitties out as much as I possibly can! So one of my favorite finds is disposable cardboard cat scratchers from Stretch and Scratch. Cats LOVE these because they need to scratch (and stretch their legs!). But it can also be quite comforting for stressed out cats to have something to keep them busy and to also have an item in their otherwise cold, empty cage that smells like them and is familiar. These are so easy because you simply tie them on to the bars of their cages with the attached ties. Cats go nuts over them. Check them out here:


Many organizations have “Wish Lists” set up on Amazon, or they list items they need on their websites or Facebook pages. Even small things you do can make a huge difference in someone else’s life.

Show your support by reaching out and asking your local shelters, rescues or other charitable organizations what items they can use this holiday season. You can always donate money as well. If you are short on cash, that’s ok too. You can always donate your time and lend a hand! They will certainly appreciate anything you can give.


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