Fresh and Easy Summertime Meal

I love summertime because I can get all kinds of wonderful goodies that are normally hard to find and/or very expensive. If you read my blog regularly, you know that I am not a huge fan of cooking and anything I make has to be simple (not a lot of ingredients and easy to cook), fast and delicious but also HEALTHY!

Perhaps my favorite summertime treat aside from all the wonderful fruits (cherries, peaches, pluots, oh my!) is squash blossoms. Squash blossoms are so easy to prepare. It’s a bit gross but make sure you look inside them for dead bees. They really love squash blossoms! Then you can simply saute them in a pan with oil and some garlic and voila, in just a few minutes you have a delightful, buttery-tasting vegetable side dish.

Today I cooked up some fresh squash blossoms I bought over the weekend at the farmer’s market. I also bought some portabella mushrooms, so I decided to cut off the stems and fill the caps with fresh tomatoes, fresh herbs and vegan mozzarella.

In about 10 minutes I had a very fresh, tasty and healthy lunch!


One response to “Fresh and Easy Summertime Meal

  1. You are such a great momma, Liz! Oh and I can’t forget your hubby, he’s a great daddy! I can’t tell you how many times, as a teeahcr, I saw parents refusing to acknowledge that their child needed any assistance, which in the end, only exacerbated the issue. Y’all are wonderful and definitely doing what’s best for her. Baby girl will get to talking in no time and soon y’all will have to change her nickname to something like Radio, since she’ll just talk and talk all the time! I have also been thinking about this with GG. She makes a few words with us but when she’s around other kids, she begins babbling so much more. I can see how being in a social environment would really help with the speech development. Something for us to keep in mind for sure! And yay yay yay for her big comp. score Awesome!


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