Homemade Iced Green Tea

Today it was 89 degrees where I live in northern California. HOT!! I love ice cold beverages like lemonade but I’m trying to incorporate more tea into my diet. I don’t really like iced teas usually but I love my green teas! I buy a really expensive pearl jasmine tea and also a tropical green tea. I could drink them all day but I don’t really like any other teas. Unfortunately, at coffee shops they usually have iced black tea or some super sugary tea that I don’t want. Why don’t they have iced green tea?!

Today it was just too hot to drink hot tea so I decided to make my own iced tea at home with MY favorite tea. I used 1/2 the amount of water I normally do, brewed my green tea as usual and then poured it over a full glass of ice.

So refreshing!!


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