Sushi Salad

I’ve been trying to come up with creative ways to eat more vegetables, especially leafy greens, because they’re so healthy. But I get sick of eating the same old boring salads. So I decided to just start tossing foods I really like into a bowl of greens!

I have been craving sushi but it can be pretty unhealthy with all the white rice, fried stuff and soy sauce. So yesterday I bought some sashimi-grade salmon from Whole Foods and had a great idea…..sushi salad!!

I sliced up the salmon and a head of little gems romaine and put it into a bowl. Then I used some traditional sushi roll vegetables to make it taste more like real sushi. I cut up an avocado, grated some carrots and chopped a cucumber and tossed it all in the bowl. Instead of using salad dressing, I used a small amount of low sodium soy sauce as my dressing.

GENIUS! It met all my criteria for a good recipe –  fast, healthy and only a few ingredients.  I got my sushi fix and my extra veggies all in one!

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