Vegan Fitness Model, Kristie Belliston

Kristie Belliston is CEO of the Belly Fit Club, a HSN fitness expert, spokesperson, personal trainer and fitness model. First of all, this woman is….GORGEOUS! Second, she is a vegan!

I love that she said that since she went vegan, she doesn’t have to work as hard at the gym but has more energy and feels better. I’ve read multiple vegan fitness models say they work out LESS now that they are vegan – usually 4 days a week as opposed to the usual 6 days for a hardcore fitness model.

Look at these amazing photos and also check Kristie out on Facebook!



One response to “Vegan Fitness Model, Kristie Belliston

  1. Hi,this a miracle Im emailing you!!!I been watching you on HSN for to long.Im un-even,yes,over weight because Im not really fat but I got a big belly and a pamela anderson making crying breast.
    My purpose to email you and Im already email the food and drug administratiom about it.They have been talking in “realradio” station about a “hormone” that don’t let you develope a single muscle no matter how hard your are trying exercicing,what!!!
    By that time they were lucky I been driving the car and never got a chance to write it up the name of the hormone.
    My question is and they are living me scratching my head asking to myself in wich way they are giving to us (tough)throught food,drink,medications who knows.But this is frighten because I been exercicing enought not to become a bodybuilder but at least to see some result.What Im doing with this is let others whats going on because in your gym I dont know how many your are are seeing with the same problem.That they are not showing progress.At least you are another person who not about it and like always java!!!


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