Squash blossoms!

I am really privileged to have moved to northern California last year. Here, eating organic and vegetarian cuisine is more the norm than any other place I’ve ever been. I don’t even know where a McDonald’s is in this town. I live within walking distance of so many amazing restaurants that serve local, organic food and vegetarian cuisine. I also live a block away from a year-round, weekly farmer’s market. It is huge and they have everything you could ever want…fruit, vegetables, nuts, flowers, herbs, etc.

One thing I had never heard of before but felt compelled to buy was squash blossoms. I asked the man selling them how to prepare them. He said I could simply saute them in oil and garlic or fry them. I looked at them (they look like dead flowers) and was skeptical but wanted to give them a try.

I got home, rinsed them off and then sauteed them exactly as the man said to….with just olive oil and garlic. In just a few minutes, I had the tastiest side dish ever!!  They had the flavor of squash (my favorite veggie) and were fresh, but also tasted very buttery and had the right amount of salt. I have no idea how they tasted so good with just olive oil and garlic, but they were awesome!  And they were less than $2 for a big bag. I can’t wait to get more!


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