Pigs Have Feelings Too

I found an article about a study done on pigs. Basically, the study showed that pigs can feel a sense of optimism or pessimism, the same way that humans do. It showed that they are sensitive to their environments. Studies in the past have shown that pigs are more intelligent than 3 year old children. I have also heard people raised on farms who describe pigs as having individual personalities. 

It makes me sad to read things like this and then imagine the horrors that pigs face when they are raised to be eaten. In the past, I’ve read that pigs can actually sense the doom of what is to come when they are locked in those filthy pens being tortured and awaiting their brutal murders. There is evidence that they can smell the fear of other pigs being hauled off to slaughter. I have heard this about cows as well. 

Below is the article about pigs having feelings. This would make great reading material for people who are about to sit down to eat their bacon and eggs for breakfast…don’t ya think?


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