Cows Have Feelings Too

I found an article, like the one about pigs, that is about cows having feelings. Cows are communicative and social and form lifelong bonds with each other. They grieve the loss of another cow and become distressed after a separation. A mother cow will wait for her baby calf to come back, regardless of whether it’s freezing cold outside. They are good problem solvers and according to the article, “cows have even been known to break fences and walk miles to be reunited with calves that were sold at auction.”  Farmers can attest to the fact that cows will cry out for their calves, long after they have been taken to slaughter (to become veal). 

How unbelievably sad. 

Cows understand and respond to kind treatment from humans. They produce more milk when they are treated nicely. They remember poor treatment and can even hold grudges.

There is also evidence that they even worry about the future.

In our society, cows and other animals are treated so horribly. Animals are kind and innocent and they care about each other and always seem to look out for one another….so unlike the human race. If people can’t even be nice to each other and get along and do good in the world, then it’s really no surprise that those lower on the food chain are going to suffer. It’s sad and pathetic that there is so much wrong in this world when there really could be so much right.

One response to “Cows Have Feelings Too

  1. I think the animals dedcied to not wear clothes was because the humans wear clothing and they was known as the enemy. But mainly because they probally didn’t want any type of reminder or compairsion between them two.The reason why the pigs didn’t want the other pigs to believe sugarmountain was because it wasn’t real and didn’t want them to give their life up to live in a fantasy world that wasn’t real.A reason why they might have taught they self to read and write was to comprehend what the humans where saying.


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