The Truth About Eggs

If you eat eggs, you might be surprised what happens to them before they end up on your table. Chickens and hens are well-known for being the most widely abused animals in the entire meat/agriculture industry.

  • Some 2×2 foot cages will hold nearly a dozen hens.
  • The smell of ammonia (from the manure) is so strong that workers have to use industrial exhaust fans and run in quickly to get their tasks done in the barns.
  • A well-known egg producer confirmed that 3% of the manure was infected with salmonella. (To put into perspective, they produce 4.5 million eggs each day. If 3% were infected, that is 135,000 eggs. Even if it was only 1/10 of a percent, that is 4,500 eggs DAILY).
  • Automated feeding machines can decapitate chickens, whose corpses are often left in the cages to rot. They can also get their heads caught in the wire cages and die.
  • The barns are full of flies, mice and other vermon.

Sounds tasty, right?


See the full article here:

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