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Great vegetarian/vegan quote!

“I will not eat anything that walks, runs, skips, hops or crawls.  God knows that I’ve crawled on occasion, and I’m glad that no one ate me.”

-Alex Poulos

Hippocrates quote

“The soul is the same in all living creatures, although the body of each is different.”

— Hippocrates

Squash blossoms!

I am really privileged to have moved to northern California last year. Here, eating organic and vegetarian cuisine is more the norm than any other place I’ve ever been. I don’t even know where a McDonald’s is in this town. I live within walking distance of so many amazing restaurants that serve local, organic food and vegetarian cuisine. I also live a block away from a year-round, weekly farmer’s market. It is huge and they have everything you could ever want…fruit, vegetables, nuts, flowers, herbs, etc.

One thing I had never heard of before but felt compelled to buy was squash blossoms. I asked the man selling them how to prepare them. He said I could simply saute them in oil and garlic or fry them. I looked at them (they look like dead flowers) and was skeptical but wanted to give them a try.

I got home, rinsed them off and then sauteed them exactly as the man said to….with just olive oil and garlic. In just a few minutes, I had the tastiest side dish ever!!  They had the flavor of squash (my favorite veggie) and were fresh, but also tasted very buttery and had the right amount of salt. I have no idea how they tasted so good with just olive oil and garlic, but they were awesome!  And they were less than $2 for a big bag. I can’t wait to get more!



Cows Have Feelings Too

I found an article, like the one about pigs, that is about cows having feelings. Cows are communicative and social and form lifelong bonds with each other. They grieve the loss of another cow and become distressed after a separation. A mother cow will wait for her baby calf to come back, regardless of whether it’s freezing cold outside. They are good problem solvers and according to the article, “cows have even been known to break fences and walk miles to be reunited with calves that were sold at auction.”  Farmers can attest to the fact that cows will cry out for their calves, long after they have been taken to slaughter (to become veal). 

How unbelievably sad. 

Cows understand and respond to kind treatment from humans. They produce more milk when they are treated nicely. They remember poor treatment and can even hold grudges.

There is also evidence that they even worry about the future.

In our society, cows and other animals are treated so horribly. Animals are kind and innocent and they care about each other and always seem to look out for one another….so unlike the human race. If people can’t even be nice to each other and get along and do good in the world, then it’s really no surprise that those lower on the food chain are going to suffer. It’s sad and pathetic that there is so much wrong in this world when there really could be so much right.

Pigs Have Feelings Too

I found an article about a study done on pigs. Basically, the study showed that pigs can feel a sense of optimism or pessimism, the same way that humans do. It showed that they are sensitive to their environments. Studies in the past have shown that pigs are more intelligent than 3 year old children. I have also heard people raised on farms who describe pigs as having individual personalities. 

It makes me sad to read things like this and then imagine the horrors that pigs face when they are raised to be eaten. In the past, I’ve read that pigs can actually sense the doom of what is to come when they are locked in those filthy pens being tortured and awaiting their brutal murders. There is evidence that they can smell the fear of other pigs being hauled off to slaughter. I have heard this about cows as well. 

Below is the article about pigs having feelings. This would make great reading material for people who are about to sit down to eat their bacon and eggs for breakfast…don’t ya think?