Go Kaleo!

Recently, I discovered a woman named Amber Rogers who is the creator/writer of a blog called Go Kaleo (www.gokaleo.com). She is a 40 something, spiky-haired, formerly obese wife and mother turned personal trainer/coach and massage therapist. She transformed her health and her life through positive changes in her diet and exercise habits. You can also find her on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/gokaleo. She is very upbeat, encouraging and inspiring.

I love her posts because she speaks the truth and doesn’t follow any rigid dieting. She doesn’t say no to any foods and instead makes mindful decisions when eating and tries to incorporate as much movement as possible (such as “cardio” sessions chasing her children at the park!). She simply lives her life, eats whole, natural foods, moves around a lot and lifts heavy weights when she can. She certainly doesn’t buy into all the b.s. that the media, fitness industry and die-hard (fill in the blank diet/exercise program)ers constantly feed us.

It is refreshing to find someone (especially a female) who is fit and doesn’t spend their life in the gym or obsessing about calorie intake and protein powders. I think she has really smart things to say and it’s never anything complicated. The best part is I can read her posts and not feel at all guilty if I just ate a chocolate chip cookie for breakfast instead of oatmeal.

Interestingly, she appears to follow a mostly vegetarian way of eating, not for any particular reason other than she finds it to be the most beneficial to her health, well-being and energy level. I like her even more because of it!



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