Trader Joe’s Organic Vegetarian Chili

When you’re in a bind and want a fast, warm meal, I’d recommend Trader Joe’s Organic Vegetarian Chili. It is really tasty, especially if you throw a few crunched up tortilla chips on top (and maybe some vegan cheese). It has a great texture…not too chunky and not too soup-y. It has a good amount of spice to it too. I try to eat it with a big salad so I get lots of green veggies in addition to my protein and beans.

After eating it several times, it dawned on me that it tasted a lot like the turkey chili I used to make. I read the ingredients to figure out how they did this. Finally, I realized it had tofu in it. I had no idea tofu could be so tasty!

For some reason, I am now severely addicted to this chili. Since I am worried about my protein intake every day, I am glad I found this. As with most processed foods, the sodium content is well above what I’d normally be ok with eating. Also, I typically never eat anything from a can (too many toxins can leak into your food from them). However, since vegetarian eating is still very new to me, I am trying to be open to new options and want to just do the best I can. My plan is to try to recreate this chili at home so I can lower the sodium content and not have to worry about any metal cans.

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