Litter in Our Oceans

Volunteers at International Coastal Cleanup have picked up 9 million pounds of trash in the oceans. The #1 item they find?

Cigarette butts. About 2 million of them. This disgusting statistic is yet another excellent reason to quit smoking!

Other items found in the oceans include caps/lids, plastic bottles, plastic bags, food containers, cans, etc. These are items that should be in landfills, or better yet, not being used at all. I am happy to see a lot of restaurants now serve biodegradable products and stores encouraging people to use recyclable and reusable bags. It’s a simple way to help save the earth and its living creatures.

I personally LOVE the ocean, as well as all animals, so the idea of keeping litter out of the oceans is a big deal to me. But even if you are heartless and don’t care about the oceans or animals or being more “green,” I’m sure you still care about yourself. Just remember that the disgusting chemicals in plastic do leech into the water. That’s water that you will inevitably drink…or that the fish you eat once drank… and so on….

As I’ve blogged about before, veganism is excellent for the environment. So, from time to time, even though it is technically not related to being vegan, I am going to post about environmental issues. This ABC news story is living proof that there are things we ALL can do to help the environment, whether it’s through what we eat, what we drive (or don’t drive), planting a tree, recycling, etc.. Small choices we can all make each day can and DO make an impact.

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