Ahem…Excuse me…

I think that people who stand for anything….whether it’s animal rights, gay rights, civil rights, etc…. at some point, take a lot of flack from people who oppose their views or simply don’t want to hear what they have to say. I feel like people are threatened by a person/group with solid opinions and convictions. I can’t really pinpoint why. Are they in denial about the problem? Do they feel judged? Do they simply disagree? Are they afraid to take a good look at the horrors that exist in this world?  Do they simply not care about anything that they think doesn’t directly affect them?  I guess the negativity and resistance is a result of all of these reasons…and many others too.

Regardless of your stance on what I or others think/feel/say/write, I want this to be clear. I am not judging anyone or trying to tell anyone what to do. That is the polar opposite of what a kind person does. Also, I am not perfect, not pretending to be perfect and certainly not trying to be perfect. I don’t expect anyone else to be either. I make mistakes. We all do.

I want to educate people by sharing what I know. I don’t know it all, but I might know something you don’t. I also want to be a voice for animals because the cruelty toward them is appalling. Any form of cruelty should invoke serious action against it. I want to expose the lies that people are fed for no other reason than profit. I want people to make the connection between compassion/kindness and good mental/physical health for themselves, their loved ones, and every other being on the entire planet.

The point of this blog is to make people better, not to make them feel dumb, mean, wrong, helpless, criticized, inferior, etc. Quite the opposite. Do I think some people do heinous, stupid and ignorant things? Yes. But hatred only breeds hatred, so to hate anyone for any reason does no good. I truly believe (and so did Maya Angelou!) that when you know better, you do better. And in my opinion, when you do better, you become better. And so does everyone and everything around you.

In my dream world, every single person would ooze compassion, knowledge, happiness and good health. Politeness would be commonplace. Caring and helping others would be a natural way of life. Learning would be everyone’s hobby. People wouldn’t use or need any type of negativity and cruelty.

So on that note, I will continue to wish for a world where people do good things, feel good all the time and live kind, happy lives.


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