Vegan Fitness Model, Marzia Prince

Since I really would like to compete again in a fitness modeling competition, I am struggling with being able to get the proper foods I need to build muscle while also avoiding meat. Protein is always hyped as the most important part of a muscle-building diet so I find myself struggling with the idea of not getting enough to sustain workouts, build muscle and lean out.

I have been searching for vegan fitness models to use as my role models to prove it can be done. I am also trying to get ideas on what their diet/training consist of. It has been difficult to find them, especially specific information on competition dieting (I assume because most of them are not very well known and have not done many interviews, etc.).

Finally, I stumbled on Marzia Prince, a vegan IFBB Bikini Pro competitor. She is the only vegan pro bikini model I have found. I know that bodybuilding and meat are nearly synonymous, but I can’t believe in this day and age she is the only one I can find. I have found a couple other female fitness competitors who are vegan, but none that are pros like Marzia.

Here is the link to an article she did about her diet/training and being vegan:

2 responses to “Vegan Fitness Model, Marzia Prince

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  2. She is a wonderful role model. The site changed the way I looked at vegan nutrition. Monica Parodi also follows a primarily vegan diet and it sustained her energy & stamina while filming for P90X2. Keep up the great work.

    Sample diet:

    Happy exercising


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