Dealing with Negativity

The more I read about what is done to animals, the environment and peoples’ health, I am truly appalled and horrified. However, it seems like anytime I open my mouth about vegetarianism, animal rights or the environment, everyone always has something to say and it’s usually not positive. People respond with criticism or mockery, which is taking some getting used to. I think that people who care about these issues are often branded crazy hippies or something to that effect, which is unfortunate, because people like me are the ones who care about saving THEIR health, THEIR money and THEIR planet. We are the ones who will make a positive change in the world. And you never hear anyone complaining about the benefits they reap from these changes!

What I am finding is that many people don’t care about these issues, don’t want to  acknowledge the truth, or are just in complete denial. People don’t want to feel judged or duped. They don’t want to believe that their choices might not be the best ones. Unfortunately, it seems as though many people are misled and and really just want to argue in defense of their misinformation. It is sad to me that people don’t attempt to better educate themselves about the world around them or that they completely shut down when shown the cold hard facts. Maybe they don’t know where to look. Maybe they simply don’t want to know. The truth is scary and let’s be honest, it is easier to ignore it than to deal with it.

I consider myself to be a pretty intelligent person. I am college educated and I read nearly every book, magazine and news story put in front of me. As a health/fitness writer, I assumed I knew a lot about food and how it affects my body, as well as how to prevent heart disease and other illnesses. I had no clue that the hormones in meat were affecting my hormones. I had no idea that eating a veggie diet would greatly decrease my risk of heart disease. I sincerely had no clue that all of these issues are interrelated. I had no idea that the plastic bottles I used could ultimately end up in the ocean, leech into the water, and end up back in my body through the fish I’m eating that drank that water. I didn’t realize that eating meat was destroying our environment and polluting our air more than all modes of transportation combined.

Everything around us is affecting our health. Everything.

These issues affect ALL of us. It is hard for me to imagine that people don’t care about them. It is one thing to not care about something that doesn’t affect you personally, but all of this does. It saddens me deeply that more people don’t at least try to seek out the truth amongst the lies that we are fed by the meat industry, the healthcare industry and even our own government. Anything that makes money is going to be promoted and they will find a way to spin it in a positive light and squelch anything that makes it look back. That’s why “pork is the new white meat.” That’s why you see happy cows in green pastures on the front of your milk carton, when in reality they are kept in awful conditions and ultimately slaughtered when they stop producing milk.

I wish I could make all the bad stuff go away. It is daunting to think that it probably never will. But changes can be made and every little bit helps. It is my goal to educate people as I learn new ways to help the world and ourselves become better, healthier and happier. I am still new to all of this but I have learned so much in a short time. I really hope that I can at least shed some light on these issues to people who would otherwise be left in the dark.

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